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Parish Renovations

A CONSTANT ISSUE: Any one familiar with renovations knows how challenging they are. It all starts with one single issue that needs to be addresed - that is the easy part. Then comes the budgetting process, deciding on materials, contractors, time-frame and dealing with the unavoidable last-minute surprises which, seem to be part of an universal law that stipulates that there should be at least one surprise every time anyone attempts a renovation. Here at Saint Mary's we can expect many surprises for that matter!  Our buildings require ongoing care not only because of their age but because of their constant use.  

THE RECTORY was originally built as a country homestead, in 1860. It belonged to Mr. Isaac Wardwell and it stood on the very spot where the church is today.  Obviously, the old house was moved to its current site  prior to the construction of the church. Important renovations to the rectory were made by Fr. Richard Futtie, in the 90's. Most of the original layout of the house was restored and the building was given better foundational support. A more recent renovation was done due to water damage. A water pipe broke up on the third floor of the building in January of 2015 and water run all the way down to the basement. 

THE CHURCH building is a magnificent cathedral-style Neo-Gothic church that is handicap accesible and can easily accomodate one thousand people. Built during the early part of the 20th century, it soon became a beacon of faith in the East Side of Stamford. With a little over 90 years of age, the church requires constant work. From roof leaks to an outdated heating system it all needs constant attention. We just finished renovating the restrooms at Hayes Hall - They came out great! Repairs and renovations offer hope for the future. We want our church to be preserved for future generations of Catholics in Stamford.

THE MONSIGNOR HAYES HALL is located on what used ot be a fully operational lower church.  It was made into a Parish Hall some 30 years ago and, like the church, it is handicap accesible. It has an occupancy of 280 people and it is in constant use.  We host our BINGO almost every wednesday of the year at Hayes Hall where doors open at 6:00 p.m. and players can enjoy the space up until 9:00 p.m. or so. Important renovations were done to the restrooms thanks to the crucial help and donations of the Saint Mary Rosary Society. Future plans include an upgrade to both windows and doors. 

THE MONSIGNOR MARTIN J McDERMOTT PARISH CENTER is a three-story building that serves a great number of purposes and is of an amazing value to us. The most important space in the Center is the Saint Joseph Chapel where weekday Holy Masses are celebrated at 9:00 a.m. and  5:30 p.m. The small chapel accomodates 24 people. Incidently, our most recent renovation was concluded there. It will surprise you to see what difference a fresh coat of  paint can make!  All our parish offices are found at the Parish Center. On the first floor of the building you will find the Parish Office, the Religious Education Office, the priests offices, the Accounting and Parish Data Offices as well as a Volunteer Office and a small cafteria. On both the second and third floors we find a number of rooms that are used as classrooms for our crowded Religious Education Program; we also host in there pre-baptismal classes, group meetings and so forth. This building is in such demand that even the basement is used for all sorts of group activities. And, as it is the case with any building, ongoing maintenance does come at a high price.  Last year, we invested an important amount of money on repairs made to each and every radiator; there are so many! 26 of them just on the first floor. Important upgrades need to be made all throughout in order to make the building more energy efficient. All windows need to be replaced and a better heating zoning system needs to be implemented. Hopefully, there will be interest on the part of the public to help make these important changes.



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